Green Energy has accomplished a lot in 2014 and reached the following milestones that are moving us closer to our ultimate goals as an environmentally friendly company.

30. May 2015

Green Energy has grown and is planning an IPO. If you would you like to participate in the success of our eco-friendly company you will have the opportunity in the near future. Be a part of our green community, not only in the procurement of renewable energy, but also in the stock market.

05. May 2015

We have been expanding. Not only in solar energy and wind but geothermal has been added to our portfolio as well. This gives you the opportunity to generate your green energy directly from the earth. With additional contractors and new sales channels, we are here for you and your power needs with economical and environmentally friendly energy options.

26. March 2015

March 26 marks the anniversary of Green Energy. Long before we got involved with green energy production we performed extensive research on the subject and studied the available technologies and advancements. Now we are pleased to present environmentally friendly green energy technology and allow our customers to explore the various options.  We are fully prepared to provide you with favorable terms.